Screw Compressor














Screw Compressor Performance:

Screw compressors are such that they use a pair of screw rotors. When rotors are rotated, they are arranged between the meshes alternately and closed in the spaces between the lobes at the end of the rotor. When the space between the lobes opens in the last entrance of the compressor, the air is fed into it. As the rotors continue to rotate, the air in the space between the lobes in the screw compressors is trapped and compressed over the length of the rotors. The volume of the space between the lobe is reduced and the air is compressed. When the space between the lobes ends, there is a compressed air compression in the compressor. (Nurse and spray) are sealed inside the chamber.


Advantages of Screw Compressor Compared to Other Compressors:

Saving on compressor maintenance cost by 40-35%
Saving energy in the compressor by 30-20%
Rapid response to changes in pressure and air consumption in the compressor
Setting the constant pressure in the air outlet of the compressor
A new technology for producing compressed air under constant pressure and commensurate with the amount of air consumed by the compressor
Slow interruption with Inverter technology
The number of low and low shutdown compressors using the intelligent system
Unable to work at maximum capacity for an indefinite period
Fast and easy compressor installation