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The Behsan  air comperresor company history :




















































































The Behsan Compressor  in 1989 with the aim of establishing a consulting and supply center for compressed air equipment  At the 250 square meters in store exhibition on South Saadi Street in Tehran established.



 The Behsan compressor received Official representative from Fiac Italy.



beginning  producing piston compressors from 80 to 1500 liters per minute with a Taksan brand with 8 employees at Shad Abad, Tehran, in an area of 500 square meters



begining producing screw in the size of 3000 to 9000 with the brand Behsan compressors in addition to pistoncompressors,  With a total of 25 personnel in the Zagros industrial park in an area of over 2000 square meters


Received received Official representative from Italy's Thermomechanical (T.M.C.), one of the largest manufacturers of Airend.



Export to the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries


production of screw compressors and inverters with a capacity of 22,000 liters per minute



The behsan comperssor succeeded in producing a full-featured compressor that was widely welcomed by craftsmen.



building and Equipping a new factory in Amol city on 6000 square meter area with employmenting 15 personnel.



winning golden award of quality for its products 



The behsan developed and implemented Training unit. that teach over 60 training courses on pneumatic and compressed air annually.



Established behsam holding With approaching commercial and online sale in ghadim street in tehran with  employment  12 personnel .the goal is to making the behsan compressor structure smaller and .Serviceing more agile and more responsive to customers.



 Behsam holding established clinic compressed air for completing The behsan compressor  products with professional personnel


      Compressor                 tank                         Filtration                       Pipe                       Penomatic       Windinstrument


The exhibition and store complex in southern Saadi, with a change of approach and with the help of its experienced and experienced staff, as well as using the technology of the day, is one of the centers of knowledge base and consultancy on compressed air and everything related to this area. Effortlessd .



 Nowadays, the Behsan technical group has over 9,000 square meters of decentralized space, with 60 personnel in production and 18 administrative staff, with modern machinery and experienced engineers as well as several years of experience as well as having more Of the 25 active representatives nationwide, they have been able to offer their products to customers

in accordance with the needs of the community and the observance of world standards of production, supply and service.

Production unit activities:

• Production of a variety of screw compressors from 600 to 22000 liters per minute from a pressure of 7-13 times.

• Production of a variety of piston compressors from 50 to 3000 liters per minute from a pressure of 7-13 times.

• Production of high pressure piston compressors from 50 to 2000 liters per minute at pressures ranging from 15 to 40 times.

• Production of oil-free piston compressors from 50 to 2000 liters per minute at 7 bar.

• Production of gasoline and diesel piston compressors for agricultural applications and related accessories.

• Production of pressure vessels from 50 to 20,000 liters.

After sales service units activities:

• Consultation, design and implementation of compressed air system.

• Repair and service of compressor manufacturing company.

• Provide on-site supplies and services.

• Installing and launching products.

• Education

Business and Commercial Activities:

• Types of humidifying filters and micron oil lubricants as well as oil in various capacities.

• Types of refrigeration (refrigerated) and absorbent drives in different capacities.

• Pneumatic

• Piping and installations

• wind tools





                                            The company is proud to introduce its products to top quality craftsmen and service providers.                                            
                                 ** Assess the multi-year performance of the products of this company through customers and consumers !! **