Compressor Screw TS - BD Series

Compressor Screw TS-BD

Benefits of a straight cord Belt system : 


  • Due to the elasticity of the straps , it dose not transfer some of the impulses and vibrations to another currency .

  • Easy to install and replace

  • Make a little noise 

  • There is not much need to be kept.

  • In the event of a problem with the electro-motor,failure to the compressor is not transmitted .

  • If necessary , it is possible to change the ratio of the diameters of poles , discharge and various pressures from the compressor.

  • The direct impact of the blows on the engine causes the chassis to malfunction , which is not the case with the belt .

  • The belt system removes towers and gears that reduce sound and maintenance costs.

 Disadvantages of straight cord Belt System :


  • Due to the slip betwwen the belt and the poles , the motion is not synchronous . In other words , they have no positive transmission .

  • Some are power dissipation ( Slightly more than gears and direct cobbles ) .

  • For the transfer of torque , they need to have a primitive pull that causes lateral forces on the bearing.