Absorption Dryer

These types of dryers have two towers and in some cases three towers or pressure tanks.

Both of which are filled with absorbent materials such as activated alumina, silica gel, molecular mesh or other absorbent materials.

In these dryers, the compressed air loses its moisture to a large extent by passing through the moisture absorbent materials in these tanks, and after absorbing water by these materials, the dryer uses the compressed air produced in the system, into the substrate. Saturated absorbent material is blown away and repels moisture.

The adsorbent lowers the dew point pressure of the compressed air to prevent water from distilling.

In these dryers, the dew point is around -40 ˚C.

In some industries, the dew point required for operation is -70 ˚C, which means that due to the lower temperature, the amount of water distilled is also lower.

Absorption dryers use various methods to purify compressed air.

In this section, we introduce Behsan absorption dryers and their details.

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