Screw compressor TS-VS 180


A screw compressor is a type of air compressor that uses a positive rotary type mechanism. Screw compressors are commonly used in industries where large volumes of high-pressure air are required. In this section, we will introduce Behsan TS-VS series compressors and their details.

Features of screw compressor TS-VS 180

  • TS-VS compressors are actually the same as TS-DD, TS-FF and TS-BD compressors; with the difference that the inverter system is installed on them.

Therefore, whatever choice you have in buying a compressor, you can also order an inverter for the longer life of your device.

  • There are several ways to start the compressor motor. methods such as DOL or single multiplication, triangle star and soft start; These methods can be unsuitable for the device in various ways, such as the health of the device and the amount of electricity consumption.

But in the inverter method on the compressor, which is the most important and optimal method to start the device, inverters or electrical converters can change the frequency or voltage level of the input power and supply the right amount of power to the devices.

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